Full list of speakers

Simon Cutts (Coracle Press), ‘The Collective Work’

Andrzej Gasiorek (University of Birmingham), ‘ “With Expletive of Whirlwind”: BLAST then and now’

Angela Griffith (TCD), ‘To-morrow’s artist; Cecil ffrench Salkeld and an Irish modernist periodical’

Sarah Hayden (University College Cork), ‘Bloody BLAST: the Liquid Body in Vorticism’

Kathryn Laing (Mary Immaculate College, Limerick), ‘ “Am I a Vorticist?”: Re-Reading Rebecca West’s “Indissoluble Matrimony” ’

Chris Lewis (Bath Spa University), ‘Myth and the Modernism of Enemy of the Stars (1914)’

Dave Lordan, poetry reading

Jim Mays (UCD, emeritus), ‘Lewis-Pound-McLuhan: BLAST and COUNTERBLAST’

Nathan O’Donnell (TCD), ‘ “Springs of Creation”: BLAST and Irish Art’

Ellen Rowley (TCD), ‘Poetry + Pilotis: English nostalgia and architectural modernism in Frederick Etchells and John Betjemen’

Alex Runchman (TCD), ‘”a painters magazine with me to do the poems”: Volcanic chaos and the poetry of BLAST

Sarah Victoria Turner (Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, Yale University), ‘The Force of Technique: Vorticism, Violence and Avant-Garde Sculpture in Britain c. 1914’

Tom Walker (TCD), ‘Yeats, Art Writing, and BLAST

BLAST in the Classroom?

Philip Coleman (TCD), Patrick Grogan (TCD), Sarah Goodman (Carlton College, Minneapolis, USA), Rosemary O’Dowd (TCD), Barry Ó Séanáin (TCD), Ella Jordan (TCD).


Katy Milligan (TRIARC, TCD), Niamh NicGhabhann (UL), Eve Patten (TCD), Michael Hinds (Mater Dei Institute), Darryl Jones (TCD), Christine Casey (TCD).


6 thoughts on “Speakers

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  2. Sounds like you will have a blast! I’ll try and be there. Did you have an open call for papers? Blast if you did I missed it!!! But damn fine line up!

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  6. Hi, A few years ago we made an animation film using the BLAST typeface. Its about Dazzle painting (which is related to BLAST magazine I presume). Here is the link to the animation film.

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