directed and adapted by Nicholas Johnson and Colm Summers
a textual event supported by the Trinity Long Room Hub and BLAST at 100

As part of the symposium at Trinity College Dublin marking the centenary of BLAST, the organizers have commissioned Ireland’s first performance of Wyndham Lewis’s famously “unstageable” play Enemy of the Stars. Working with the 1914 published version as an exclusive source, Assistant Professor of Drama Nicholas Johnson has collaborated with his co-director Colm Summers, as well as undergraduate actors, designers, and technicians, to create an immersive experience of the play within the Trinity Long Room Hub space.

This challenging text blends images, extended prose, and theatrically “impossible” stage directions with more conventional dialogue. Rather than a theatrical performance in the conventional sense, this presentation should be seen as the dissemination of practice-based research: it is, simply, what has emerged from trained theatre artists grappling with Lewis’s work in this context. This event poses a rare opportunity for scholars of BLAST and Vorticism to see Lewis’s thought embodied live and placed in space, and should, by its nature, raise more questions than it will answer.

Tickets are limited due to the nature of the event, and will be issued free on request to conference participants.

Spaces with limited visibility will be available if the initial allotment for participants runs out.  The presentation will be followed by a question-and-answer session with the artists.

The creators are extremely grateful to the BLAST at 100 committee and the Trinity Long Room Hub for core support, as well as to the Samuel Beckett Centre, Pan Pan Theatre, and DU Players for in-kind support.


Hugo Lau • Wyndham

Matthew Malone • Arghol

Colm Gleeson • Hanp



Nicholas Johnson and Colm Summers • co-directors/co-adaptors

Molly O’Cathain • designer

James Ireland • puppet master

Honi Cooke • stage manager

Dara Hoban • production manager



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